Investment in Fixed Deposit Schemes – A Brief Overview

Investment in Fixed Deposit Schemes – A Brief Overview


The different types of fixed deposits schemes have provided lot of opportunities to different investors. Currently in the market, the banks and other corporate fixed deposits schemes are available to the general public. Both, the banks and corporate fixed deposits schemes have their own regulations and policies. The fixed deposit investments are safe heaven for the investors because there is no fear of the loss of money and they are less risky investment as compared to stocks and other commodities.


As far as the return on the fixed investment is concerned, the banks offer different rates on fixed investment in comparison with the corporate fixed deposit schemes. The banks offer normally a 2-3 percent less rate of return because the fixed deposit schemes which are being offered by different banks are safe as compared to the corporate fixed deposit schemes which normally offer higher rates of return to their investors. In addition to this, the bank’s fixed deposits are safe up to a specified limit of amount as they are insured by different banks but not by all banks.


There are also some negative things about fixed investments. The major drawback of this type of investment is that they are not liquid in nature as theses amounts are fixed for a certain period. Moreover, if the interest rate rises after making investment, the banks do not offer higher rates and they pay the interest as per agreed terms and conditions. In addition to this, due to the inflationary trend, the real value of money being is declined with the passage of time. Another problem with this type of investment is that the interest rate mentioned is the pre tax return and the amount of tax has to be deducted from it.

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