Tips for shopping online safely

Tips for shopping online safely

The best thing about internet is that you are not bound geographically when you are using it. It is especially useful in shopping online.  You can shop anywhere, any time while sitting at your home and you can be competitive about it.

There are some threats that also come with shopping online. Identity theft is one of the common frauds. So staying safe while you are shopping is a paramount.

Here are some tips for shopping safely:

  • Use credit card instead of debit card and pay the bill off monthly. Credit cards offer protection from identity theft that debit cards don’t.
  • Using a disposable credit card is even better than using a credit card. It works just like most gift cards. You add a specified dollar amount and use it, once it’s gone you can add more or purchase new one.
  • Some online websites don’t offer secure shopping. That means savvy criminals can capture everything that you enter on these sites including your personal or credit info. While shopping online limit yourself to secure websites.
  • Shop at home.  If you are using a public computer you have no control over who might be using it as well.
  • Many sites offer you the ability to save your credit card information on their sites to speed up the shopping process but there are some risks involved in it. If that company you are shopping with has a data breach your personal information could be at put at risk.

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